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June 10, 2019

By addressing visual impairments and other eye disorders early on, you’re providing essential tools for your child’s cognitive and social development. The most common visual impairment in children is amblyopia, which occurs when one eye develops at a slower rate than the other. At the office of Optical Outlets we utilize state-of-the-art technology and treatment methods to diagnose this condition and recommend the most effective course of care. With early detection and intervention, we can help ensure optimal vision development and visual function for your child.

Amblyopia is commonly called lazy eye, which refers to the disparity in strength between the two eyes. In children with amblyopia, one eye may have normal vision, while vision in the other eye is somehow compromised. Without intervention, the child becomes increasingly reliant on the stronger eye, which trains the brain to respond only to signals from the dominant eye. When both eye fail to work together, it can lead to visual impairments in both eyes. A common cause of amblyopia is strabismus, which occurs when the eyes are misaligned, creating a “cross-eyed” appearance. Refractive errors and corneal clouding can also cause one eye to become weaker than the other. It may be difficult to identify amblyopia in your child, especially when the outward appearance of the eyes is normal Since one eye typically has adequate vision, your child may not experience any difficulty seeing at first. To accurately diagnose amblyopia, we’ll perform a visual acuity test to determine how well the eyes work together. Placing an eye patch over the dominant eye can help the brain learn to work better with the weaker eye. In some cases, drops can be prescribed to cloud vision in the dominant eye, instead of wearing an eye patch. Corrective lenses and vision therapy can also help treat amblyopia.

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