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Could your vision be causing headaches? Ask our optometrist

February 27, 2023

Headaches are among the most common health complaints, and there are many possible causes for them. Tension, allergies, alcohol and food with high levels of nitrates are just a few of the potential triggers for headaches, which can range from merely annoying to incapacitating. Your vision can sometimes be a factor, and your doctor of optometry at Optical Outlets can help determine if that’s the cause and recommend solutions. Our experience and state-of-the-art diagnostic technology puts us at the forefront of eye and vision care.

Headaches can become frequent if you are straining your eyes by overworking them or struggling to maintain focus. In our modern digital world, don’t minimize the strain that our nearly constant interaction with computers, cell phones, televisions and video game screens put on our eyes. Eye strain headaches are located around or behind the eyes and can be accompanied by dry or irritated eyes, blurry vision and an increased sensitivity to light. 

Farsightedness that is uncorrected in either children or adults can lead to frontal headaches sometimes referred to as “brow aches.” In those cases, trying to overcompensate for an inability to focus on nearby objects strains the eyes and causes headaches. 

As we become older, difficulty focusing on close-up tasks like reading or threading a needle, or prolonged exposure to sunlight, can result in a condition known as presbyopia. Again, overcompensating for this condition can cause eye strain headaches. 

During an annual visit to our optometry office at Optical Outlets, we perform a comprehensive examination that includes all aspects of your vision. We’ll be able to measure whether a pair of corrective lenses, or a change in your current lenses, can ease the headaches you’ve been experiencing. We’ll take into account your medical history, type of work you do, and other lifestyle choices that may be factors in your headaches. Please contact our office today to schedule a visit.