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Tears of joy indeed! The secret behind those tiny drops

April 25, 2023

Tears get a bad rap. They’re often seen as signs of sadness, weakness or loneliness. In truth, they should be welcomed with joy because of the many positive effects they have on our eyesight. Our doctor of optometry at Optical Outlets understands the importance of having a healthy flow of tears, and what the dangers are of having too few of this precious liquid.

Because so few of us realize how valuable these droplets are, here are some facts about tears:

  • Where do they come from? Glands above your eyes produce tears, sending them into the tear ducts, which are tiny holes in the corners of each eye. 
  • How do they work? Each time you blink your eyes, a thin layer of what’s called a “tear film” forms on the clear outer layer of the eye known as the cornea. 
  • What are they made of? Tears have three layers: an oily outer layer that keeps them from drying too quickly and keeps the surface of the eyes nice and smooth; a watery middle layer that moistens the eye and nourishes the eye tissue; and an inner layer of mucus that makes sure those teardrops stick to the surface of the eyes. 
  • Why are they important? Besides keeping the eyes moist and smooth, tears focus light to help the eyes see clearly, and protect the eyes from infections and irritations from dirt and dust.
  • What happens when our eyes don’t produce enough tears? Dry eyes can produce a burning, scratchy sensation, redness and blurry vision.

Now that you know how important our tears are, it’s time to visit our optometrist at Optical Outlets for a comprehensive examination that includes assessing whether your eyes are producing enough of these miraculous droplets. Our state-of-the-art equipment will evaluate all aspects of your vision, prescribe corrective lenses if necessary, and check for potential conditions that could affect the health of your eyes. Please contact our office today for an appointment!